What other local business should Aggie football greats start up?

Brazos Valley

The Manziel bar could be just the beginning

We learned on Tuesday that former Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel will soon open a bar in College Station. And while Manziel’s celebrity in Aggieland is virtually unrivaled, he’s far from the only Aggie football great that is still beloved in College Station.

So what other former players could start some local businesses, and what might the best business be? We take a very serious look to find out the answers.

Cullen Gillaspia: Barber Shop

You can’t think of Gilly without thinking of his flowing locks. Why not bless the Brazos Valley masses with such elite hair?

College Station

Von Miller: Chicken Joint

We all know Von was a Poultry Science major who owns his own chicken farm, so taking that love of poultry and becoming a restauranteur feels like the logical next step.


Stephen McGee: Fertilizer

OK so I doubt Stephen knows much about the fertilizer industry, but this is a perfect example of lending your name to a product when brand synergy exists.

Johnny Manziel

Jorvorskie Lane: Bowling Alley

I have no idea if the Lane Train has bowled a single day of his life, but the play on words was too good to pass up.

Kenny Hill

Quentin Coryatt: Personal Injury Attorney

If the Aggie defense can return to form this fall, business may be booming.


Myles Garrett: A shell corporation

Look, Myles is making that sweet sweet NFL All Pro money, and I’m sure he has a lot of irons in the fire. It only makes sense to put all of his business ventures under one umbrella for tax purposes (to be clear I have no idea if that’s actually true). And after all, nobody knows holding like Myles Garrett.

Leeland McElroy

Leeland McElroy: Electrician

Only one logical profession for ‘Lectric Leeland. Granted he probably needs years of apprenticeships and experience before he should think about starting his own electrician business but that’s just semantics.


Kenny Hill: Planter box sales

(sorry Kenny)

Manziel bar