Unveiling the entrepreneurial journey of Jeeyani Bidesi – From employee to entrepreneur

In a narrative that mirrors the courage to embrace change, 35-year-old Jeeyani Bidesi, popularly known as ‘Kavita,’ has moved from an employee to a successful businesswoman.

Auchlyne Primary School

Jeeyani Bidesi, popularly known as ‘Kavita.’


Grew up in Corentyne, Berbice, Bidesi is the youngest of two siblings, and her childhood was shaped by the sacrifices her parents made to ensure a bright future for their children.

I grew up in a nuclear family where my parents made a lot of sacrifices to make sure we had a bright future.


Kavita attended the Auchlyne Primary School and later secured a spot at the Corentyne Comprehensive High.

She sat the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination and attained six subjects. After that, she pursued an Associate Degree in Education and was a teacher for more than a decade.


In 2021, the 35-year-old woman ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, leaving the teaching profession for which she was in for over a decade.

The genesis of R&R Cake Creations is as sweet as the cakes she bakes. It all started with a challenge – crafting the perfect birthday cake for her son.

I started doing my son’s birthday cake, and trust me, it was a challenge until his cake came out good. I posted it on Facebook, and that is when a few friends started ordering.

I was going to give up so many times because one cake would take hours, but I got this one friend from overseas that will keep ordering cake whether it looks good or not, so that gave me a lot of practice. So, I would like to thank Seeta Mangru for her support.

Simultaneously, the former teacher and her husband, Rajin Macoon, are the owners of RJ Transportation Service – a transportation business that was born from a decision to invest and break free from driving for others.

For the transportation, my husband would normally drive for others. Then, we decided to invest and start our own business.

R&R Cake Creations tantalises taste buds with a diverse array of cakes and cupcakes, perfect for any occasion. On the transportation front, RJ Transportation Service excels in airport trips, special excursions, and tours.

Some of Kavita’s creations:

The public’s response has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising not only the services but also the delectable taste of Kavita’s cakes.


While the journey has been relatively smooth, challenges such as power outages and fluctuating ingredient prices have tested their resilience. However, the former teacher’s commitment to delivering quality remains unwavering.

What sets R&R Cake Creations and RJ Transportation Service apart from the competition is not just the services they offer but the passion and dedication infused into every aspect of their work.


This businesswoman plans to expand her cake and cupcakes business to include finger foods. Additionally, she plans to cater to the global market, offering a unique service for those overseas who wish to surprise their loved ones here in Guyana.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Kavita’s advice is simple yet profound:

Follow your dream. It will not be an easy thing to do, but don’t give up. When I left my permanent job as a teacher, it was a risk. But with the support of God, my husband, my brother, and my parents, I did not regret it. Everything happens at the right time; just have patience.

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