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We all want to achieve success in life. For that, we always look for some success mantra so we can hack our way to success. However, there is no defined path to success. We all have to go through up and downs to achieve our goal in life. Parveen’s journey is one such example of up and downs.
Parveen Singhal is the co-founder of Wittyfeed, the world’s second largest content company, proudly established and made in India. He takes care of Wittyfeed’s social media, content, and traffic acquisition. WittyFeed is an Internet media and viral content company based in Indore, India. It is known as the YouTube of the content industry. In February 2017, it becomes 20th most visited site in India surpassing Twitter and Instagram. Parveen has always mentioned that he has been highly inspired by the discipline of his father, which plays an integral role in his success story which is worth sharing.

Parveen shares his journey, how he came from humble rural roots and decided to dedicate his life to making something big. His only message: Don’t stop dreaming, don’t stop working!.
Watch this story to know how to achieve success in life, know about goal setting and how to achieve a goal, and persistently work hard to change your life.

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