The #GoBigChallenge is here to power entrepreneurs

The #GoBigChallenge is here to power entrepreneurs

The #GoBigChallenge is here! It is powered by LetsGo, a community of Africa’s digitally-active creators, innovators and start-ups improving lives through financial and general wellbeing empowerment.

The social media challenge seeks to support some 11 local start-ups within the spaces of the programs the company supports, including education, agriculture, creative, technology and housing and those who use social media to promote their sales, brand and customer awareness. Winners will benefit from cash prizes, entrepreneurship sessions and networking opportunities.

Using the power of TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn; business owners will be expected to submit entries of how they scaled from just an idea to making decent profit. Business owners are to create videos on their pages showing the progress they have made so far in their business.

With this challenge, LetsGo is empowering the digital citizen in the age of the new normal with simple, accessible, tailored digital, financial and beyond financial offerings that meet their life goals and help improve lives.

A success story of the LetsGo community is record producer, Nektunez, who took the world by storm with his production of ‘Ameno Amapiano’ and is Going BiG with his dreams.

For a creative like Nektunez, joining the LetsGo Nation gives him an opportunity to network with a community of African doers, shakers, changers, believers who are using their common energy to ‘get things done’ to help ’improve lives’ for all and make the most of it.

Visit the Letshego website for more details.

How to Enter

STEP 1 – Fill in the form
STEP 2 – Upload your 1 min video
STEP 3 – Follow us on all social media pages @letsgodigitalafrica
STEP 4 – Upload on your pages (Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook)
STEP 5 – Tag us in your video presentation of your Go BiG Business/Passion and how far you believe you can take it with Lets Go.

(#GoBiGwithLetsGo #LetsGoAfrica #GoBiGChallenge #LetsGoCountry).
Note: Last hashtag should include your country.

The #GoBigChallenge ends in December.

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