Startups 2023: Marketing your Startup Business Round Table | Crowdfunder

Join Zoe from Crowdfunder as she talks with business experts about how you can market your new business. Find out more here:

Zoe is joined by Nerrisa Pratt (Untld Project), Viv Griffiths (Young Bright + Grey) and Gwenno Jones (ethix digital) to talk about their experiences starting up a business, as well as any tips on how to promote your business, the quick wins and how to build your customer base.

This is the second of a 4-part series of crowdfunding masterclasses, designed to inform and inspire a new generation of startups and show just how easy and effective crowdfunding can be!

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8 February, 11am | Session Three – Been there, done it

There’s nothing better than hearing from people that have been in your shoes before. We will be exploring the journeys of two startups that began on Crowdfunder and how they built beyond the initial campaign to establish their business. We will then open up the floor to questions to get you insights from those that can help.

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