Startup Stories – Enertiv “Transforming an Industry”

Startup Stories – a series of short videos about Techstars companies focusing on a specific topics. In this video we learn more about the fast growing Enertiv, based out of New York City.

Enertiv, a NYC based energy monitoring company, provides a combination of hardware and software that allows buildings to monitor their energy consumption in real-time to save energy and money. Their proprietary hardware collects data at the circuit level, providing detailed information on energy use. The software visualizes energy consumption across an entire building portfolio, down to an individual piece of equipment. Enertiv’s platform continuously analyzes energy data in real-time, alerting users of anomalies, while providing insights and recommendations for savings. The platform utilizes proprietary algorithms that allow it to continue to learn about a building’s consumption patterns over time, getting smarter about where to find savings opportunities each day.

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