Startup Stories – DigitalOcean – Saturated Market

Startup Stories: a series of short videos about Techstars companies focusing on a specific topics. In this video we learn about how DigitalOcean succeeded in a saturated market.

Massive Growth
Tipping Point

“As we were raising capital for the company, one of the hardest challenges was to pitch the story to investors and have them believe in our vision,” says CEO Ben Uretsky. After graduating Techstars with a hyper-focus on simplicity and customer service, we were able to convince IA Ventures to invest $3.2 Million, and we’ve continued to focus on building a product that our customers are passionate about. It’s never been the game-plan to seek out differentiators with our competitors, e.g. what we can do faster, what we can do better. What we want to focus on is user-experience, similar to how Apple focuses on design. We want developers to have a sense of familiarity and joy while using our service that brings one word to mind: Love.

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