Olajide Abiola: Young Nigerian Billionaire serial entrepreneur who started out as a soldier

He is a distinguished military veteran and visionary entrepreneur who has carved an indelible path in multiple sectors of the economy through his exemplary leadership of men and premium organisational skills.

In an entrepreneurial journey that has spanned a decade and a half, Mr Olajide Abiola who nestles atop a multi-billion naira-worth group of firms as the CEO is a chip off the old block.

Presently, the young CEO oversees the Gidanka and HomeAway brands, the best collection of residential apartments with exquisite hospitality as their trump card.

There is also Jendo premium groundnut oil, which his company manufactures together with the processing of secondary raw materials for big industries.

Then he co-founded a leading financial technology company with a transaction volume of ₦13 billion in under eight years.

Mr Abiola has demonstrated exceptional business acumen and a remarkable ability to drive productivity and success.

The young business leader’s expertise and interest straddles technology, finance, production, sales, business administration, retail, project management, and legislation.

His invaluable experience has earned him a prominent role in shaping the Nigerian business landscape.

Notably, he served in the 7th Senate – where he made key contributions as an expert resource person in the following Senate Standing Committees: Banking, Insurance, Appropriation, and Capital Markets.

Mr Abiola holds a degree in Computer Science from the prestigious University of Ilorin, Kwara state; and is a certified information technology professional by Microsoft.

His educational journey also includes obtaining the Nigerian Army Certificate of Education and Map Reading, as well as completing project management, negotiation, marketing, budgeting, and costing courses from esteemed institutions such as the University of California, Irvine, and the University of Michigan, all in the United States.

Furthermore, he is a distinguished fellow of the Institute of Strategic Management.

Beyond his professional achievements, Abiola’s family pedigree adds depth to his character. He hails from Oyo State and is the second of three children, he comes from a lineage of intellectuals, with his mother a university don specializing in Business Education and his dad after an excellent banking career is now an educationist.

Through his entrepreneurial ventures, Mr Abiola has spearheaded groundbreaking projects running into tens of millions of dollars.

Until recently, he was the CEO of a lendtech industry leader.

Today, many luxurious hospitality and residential projects have his imprimatur – being the largest provider of residential hospitality in Nigeria and West Africa as at today.

In the pipeline is a supermarket retail chain and other many ventures – thereby ensuring that this young business leader continues to make significant contributions to finance, manufacturing, retail, real estate and hospitality sectors.

In the hospitality sector for example, one of his outlets – an upscale residential and recreational facility has achieved remarkable success within a few months of its launch.

Among numerous top individuals and corporates it has hosted is META, a prestigious multinational technology conglomerate, and owner of Facebook, Instagram, Thread and WhatsApp.

Their hosting marked the beginning of a series of influential collaborations and further solidified Gidanka’s position as a “Category King” in the residential hospitality sector, not only in Nigeria but throughout the continent.

Before this particular facility, there were many other such upscale centres owned by the residential hospitality brand. All of them are making great strides and satisfying customer needs in various standout locations within the central area of the FCT.

Thus, signifying that upcoming facilities in the chain are going to completely redefine hospitality in Africa.

Mr Abiola’s unwavering vision and dedication to excellence continue to shape the future of entrepreneurship while driving economic growth and creating jobs in Nigeria and beyond.

His remarkable achievements serve as an inspiration to growing entrepreneurs and business leaders, demonstrating the transformative power of visionary leadership and strategic thinking.

His Role as the CEO of a group of thriving businesses in multiple sectors stands him out as not just a thought leader but a purposeful, ethical giant at the forefront of transforming the Nigerian business environment.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of business leadership, you would agree that the role of a CEO is crucial in shaping the trajectory and success of a company.

Abiola provides invaluable strategic mentorship that sets his companies apart.

With his introspective acumen, operational expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence, he has propelled the companies under his guidance to new levels of success – positioning them as formidable players in Nigeria’s business space.

His keen understanding of market trends, coupled with his deep industry knowledge, allows him to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and deliver exceptional results.

His extraordinary networking skills and ability to forge strong relationships have been instrumental in replicating his footprints in diverse sectors of the economy.

One more thing: Mr Abiola’s regular interventions on time-tested life-changing “wisdom nuggets for personal and entrepreneurial growth” remains an indelible intellectual contribution for everyone who follows him on Facebook especially.

His “healing doses” have made his page an Educational Platform for Aspiring Business Leaders. He has established himself as a prominent figure in the entrepreneurial landscape, sharing valuable insights, and giving his whole through his engaging masterpieces which confirms that applied learning brings success.

His writings offer a treasure trove of guidance, patriotism, healthy living, friendship, business leadership, creativity, followership and inspiration.

He is a mentor and leader to thousands who have shown pride and growth through his teachings.