Moksilink: Young Entrepreneurs Raffle A £200,000 Property In Accra, Ghana For Just £2 – Ameyaw Debrah

If you are an individual abroad keen on acquiring a piece of property back home, you already know the ensuing process is an extreme sport. It is time intensive, frustrating, expensive and an often-flaky act many continue to struggle with. But could it be made any easier? Apparently, it is, and not only is it convenient, but it could literally cost you close to nothing thanks to the ingenuity of Moksilink. Enter here:

The London-based enterprise is ready to give individuals a chance to win an upmarket property worth a jaw-dropping £200,000, right in the cradle of their kin. Yes, you read that right: A PROPERTY WORTH TWO-HUNDRED-THOUSAND QUID and all that is simply required is to purchase raffle tickets that go for as little as £2 per piece in order to join in.

Too good to be true? Don’t fret. Moksilink was created to make this kind of dream a hassle-free reality, with no trickery in sight. Founded by a team of young West African entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom, Moksilink was brought to fruition due to Ghana’s recent boom in tourism and the growing desire for individuals to secure affordable housing back home, right from the comfort of their livelihoods abroad.

Consequently, Moksilink‘s vision to secure flexible relocation plans for people of all economic brackets was realized in the Akan and Fante word ‘Sankofa’ – ‘’Go back and fetch it’’. This commitment has birthed the company’s official headlining tag #BringThePeopleHome; one that promises to offer interested individuals true comfort and luxury.

According to one of the founders from Moksilink: ‘’We must look back to the past so we may understand how we became what we are and move adequately into the future’’. ‘’To create this all-inclusive affair, we have set up a very fair and genuine raffle where each participant has an equal chance to win their dream home for only £2 per ticket’’.

Moksilink is open to foster a convenient process for individuals to gain a top-of-the-line property in Accra, Ghana. They have found a way to kill two birds with a stone; provide an egalitarian and flexible approach that grants interested participants the opportunity to win their dream home for just £2 a ticket, while supporting charitable causes of social interest.Ameyaw Debrah

The raffle will officially open on 11th June, 2021 at 12:00 BST midday, giving everyone a shot at securing their dream house in a limited space of time. Join the fun! Who knows, you may be the rightful heir to a house in Accra, Ghana worth £200,000! To be the lucky winner, click here to enter the raffle: