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In this video of Josh Money, Our Expert Prafull Billore is talking about some amazing startup success formulas. Understand how great business plans and business models are created and the qualities you need to have to create the world’s best business plan. If you want your own startup or your own business or you are looking for business ideas then this video will give you the right business motivation and will explain a great business plan that will make your startup or business successful.
Prafull Billore, popularly known as MBA Chaiwala will give you all the business motivation you need. Have you ever had a business idea that you thought could change your life? Ever imagined that you could earn crores by simply selling tea? Prafull is a living example of how you can earn crores of rupees by being a chaiwala.
Prafull Billore or more famously known as the MBA Chaiwala these days is the successful owner of his venture named as MBA Chaiwala franchise. The MBA Chaiwala business was started with Rs 8,000 investment only and is now essentially a Rs 3 crore business which is built on something that we Indians all love the MBA Chaiwala decided to go ahead with the idea and start his tea stall by borrowing Rs. 8000 from his father. He collected the money from his father on the pretext of pursuing a short-term educational course. On July 25, 2017, Prafull Billore started his tea stall business and named it MBA Chaiwala in Ahmedabad.

From preparing for an MBA to dropping out of MBA college and working in McDonald’s,
Prafull was stuck with the idea of starting his own food business and took the plunge of opening a roadside thela to start his entrepreneurial journey. Watch the entrepreneurship and business motivation Prafull’s story holds and how a simple thela transformed into a million-dollar business called THE MBA CHAIWALA.

How MBA Chai Wala Became Crorepati At Age 24? :

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