How to optimize your career for YOU? | Story from an ex-Facebook VP / Startup founder

What are we working for? What’s my purpose, in my career?

I interviewed VJ at his newly founded startup, Statsig, for his story and his advices for us.

Vijaye has worked at Facebook for 10 years. Mostly as a director and VP. Before leaving Facebook, he was the head of Facebook entertainment.

But more importantly, he was one of the most approachable VP for junior engineers. He often has dinner with random engineers and give them career advices. He has a unique charisma that made him a godfather like figure among engineers.

After being so established at Facebook, he chose to leave and found a startup from scratch — a move that is rarely seen among senior leaders. But to VJ, he has already repeated this several times at Facebook, and it makes total sense after hearing his explanation.

What’s the key behind his growth in career and what does it take for him to start from scratch again? Hope this video can offer you some insights.

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