How Startup Fundraising Works | Startup School

YC Group Partner Brad Flora has seen startup fundraising from every angle: as a founder, as one of the most prolific angel investors in Silicon Valley, and now as a YC Group Partner. Brad has coached hundreds of companies on fundraising. In this talk, he shares stories and advice on how modern startup fundraising works.

Paul Graham Fundraising Essays:

Geoff Ralston’s Fundraising Guides:

YC Fundraising Resources:

Apply to Y Combinator:
Work at a startup:

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00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Fundraising resources
02:13 – 7 fundraising myths
04:06 – Raising money is glamorous
06:51 – The need to raise money before starting a startup
10:10 – My startup need to be impressive to raise money
13:56 – Raising money is complicated, slow, and expensive.
18:04 – I am going to lose control of my company
21:58 – I need a fancy network to raise money
23:43 – If investors reject my startup its a bad startup
26:35 – Wrap up – This isn’t for you

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