HBCU Grad Turned “Tax Docta” Makes History, Launches Franchise Opportunity For Black Entrepreneurs

Nationwide — Dr. Shawanda Moore, an HBCU grad of Southern University now known as The Tax Docta, a Black-owned tax and financial services firm, is now offering Royal Tax Box software designed to assist aspiring and current tax preparers to start and grow their very own tax business.

Her company, which already generates millions of dollars in annual revenue, offers a variety of financial services such as tax preparation for individuals, businesses, and non-profits, as well as bookkeeping and payroll tax courses, and financial literacy training and resources.

Dr. Moore, a single mother of 8 children, has done a tremendous job implementing strategies that assisted her team and partners to be successful. This includes sharing her knowledge, experience, and access to financial freedom through business ownership via franchise opportunities. She believes that her strong systems approach to business has been key to the growth of her company.

Therefore, she works diligently with her franchise team to replicate the sound practices that have proven beneficial to her clients and lucrative for her company and her software partners.

In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, she is also the author of several children’s financial literacy books and tax preparation books. She recently added the Boss Business Planner, the Self-Love Journey Planner, and the Small Business Records book.

She is currently working on three additional best-practice books: A Blueprint for Establishing a Million-Dollar Business, Steps to Becoming a Millionaire, and Strategies of the P.P.P. Stage of a Business in the year 2024. In addition, she continues to strengthen her already highly successful financial literacy curriculum to support all ages to enhance their financial decision-making.

To learn more about the franchise opportunity now available to all existing and aspiring Black entrepreneurs, visit RoyalFinancialServiceFranchise.com

Also, be sure to follow her brand on Instagram @TheTaxDocta or @_RoyalFinancial_Services

For press inquiries or media interview requests, contact pr@royaltaxbox.com

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