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Binance Angels lead some of the world’s largest and most passionate crypto communities. Hear from Mohamad, a Lebanese angel who has served the community for just over a year.

To become a Binance Angel, you need honesty, clarity about your life goals and a love for giving—in this case, sharing your knowledge with people for free.

Hear From Mohamad and His Passion for Entrepreneurship and Helping People

At Binance, the community has always been the core of our DNA. With the help of our social media platforms and the Binance Angel program, we ensure millions of users have a place to get their questions answered and make new friends in the crypto space. 

If you’re a member of our Telegram community for Arabic, Futures & Options or even NFT, you may have spotted Mohamad (@Moexba) around. We had the chance to sit down with Mohamad and learn more about his passion for starting businesses and helping the community.

How about a self-introduction!

Salam Alaikum, another way of saying hello—the Middle Eastern way!

I am Mohammad, known in the Binance community as Moex from Lebanon. I own and run my own IT, Networking and VISP business.

How did you get into the Binance Angel Program?

I believe you can relate to my story; let me share how I got into the crypto world before joining the Binance Angel Program. I first heard about crypto through my brother in 2018. However,  I didn’t give much attention because I was more occupied with growing my business. Between 2019 and 2020—precisely during the pandemic—I started to pay more attention to crypto because my country began to collapse in late 2019. 

As a self-starter, I always look for quick solutions or, let me put it another way; I find an opportunity in every problem. I began exploring the crypto world more deeply, making my first client via p2p trading. At the time, my involvement was only occasional trading. When inflation and my country’s crises started to impact my business, I looked into crypto as a legitimate form of external income. And the more I researched crypto, the more I got into it. I’d like to thank the crypto content creators who taught me to do your own research (DYOR), emphasizing the power of knowledge over financial gain. 

After a bit of time in the crypto world, I saw a post by a Binance Angel in my country and was excited to learn more. The program’s volunteer aspect captured me, allowing us to discover new knowledge and transfer it to others. I’ve always loved helping people; my experience includes Lebanese Red Cross and other volunteering Media outreach in my country. Knowing that it was volunteering with a knowledge drive in a new domain, I thought why not give it a try! 

It took a long time for the Binance team to reply. I almost lost hope, but they eventually replied and I became an official Binance Angel for the community. 

How do you feel as a member of Binance’s largest community volunteer program?

To begin with, I would like to genuinely thank the Binance Middle East management team for supporting us, Binance Angels, and the whole community. It is thrilling to be among passionate and ambitious, like-minded people who share common values and want to impact the community and help others grow. It’s such a rewarding feeling! Crypto started ten years ago, but unfortunately, most Middle Eastern countries are late to join trends. I wanted to help my fellow middle Easterns uplift the Arab world’s status, follow the innovation trend and not be left behind. Another part that made the experience so exciting was the program’s training and personal development phases. Binance Angels are continuously trained to serve the community better. Also can’t forget about the Binance Angel’s commitment to diversity and global cohesion!

Describe your thoughts on the importance of communities in crypto

Communities are crucial to expanding a shared knowledge network. I can only tell people the real story if I’m more personally aware of the crypto world. The most rewarding part of being in the community is fighting scammers and being there for like-minded enthusiasts. Yeah, bro, we got your back! Like a shield on a battlefield. 

What do you do in your free time?

I am a food type of person—mental and physical food—hahaha. I care about consuming new knowledge without forgetting how new dishes taste along the way. You know you get closer to understanding people by learning about their culture and food. Networking and meeting new people is another hobby that will help you learn and explore new concepts in life. However, learning new concepts in life is not just limited to people. In my free time,  I enjoy exploring recent tech trends, whether through watching documentaries or Youtube videos. If you find any fun tech or AI documentaries, line up, we can hang out and enjoy watching good movies. We tech nerds! 

Speaking of interest, what kind of characteristics do you think an angel applicant should possess?

To become a Binance Angel, you need honesty, clarity about your life goals and a love for giving—in this case, sharing knowledge with people for free. My extroverted nature keeps me awake most times; I like communicating with people and networking. Excitement and passion for being included in the community event are essential. Let me share a personal experience with you. I attended the first Binance event in the Middle East, which was hosted in Dubai, and I got to be around CZ! Well, yeah, that was rewarding, But most importantly, the thriving middle eastern community encouraged us to participate and get involved. The cultural cohesion is magical, and it helped me grow, and it will help you too! I look forward to being in every Binance event hosted anywhere in the world because I love traveling. 

Last note, please do not apply if you’re a newcomer that only thinks about money and the financial gains aspect of crypto. Passion is my diesel and the motto that will help you grow in the Binance Culture. Step in, and let’s meet!

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Binance Angels are passionate crypto users, community-builders, believers, leaders and much more! As an angel, you’ll act as a bridge between Binance and the users, addressing day-to-day questions and concerns and providing all-around support for the most passionate crypto community in the world.

Our Angel program is also an excellent way to learn and improve in many different areas. Beyond meeting people, you’ll learn to understand the community’s needs and how you can impact the blockchain industry.

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