French Start-Up Happy Airways Targets 14 European Destinations

French startup carrier Happy Airways will serve up to 14 destinations across Europe from its hub at Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport, including London, Berlin, Zagreb, Milan and Prague. The airline launched a funding appeal this week as it seeks to raise €4.75 million ($4.72 million).

Happy Airways releases proposed network

Happy Airways, a proposed airline based in France, has unveiled over a dozen destinations that it hopes to serve once it secures funding. The startup airline will be based out of Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport (SXB) and wants to fly to 14 destinations across France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and the UK.


The 14 destinations are:

Over its first year, Happy Airways wants to operate around 4,400 flights out of Strasbourg, although no launch date has been put forward given it is still seeking funding. The startup plans to operate with a fleet of ATR 72-600 turboprops, initially launching with two aircraft before expanding its fleet when possible.

The airline’s proposed network will serve various destinations across Europe. Photo: Happy Airways

The airline claims that these 78-seater aircraft will “enable Happy Airways to reduce operating costs and environmental impact” and burn around 45% less fuel than other twin-engine regional jets. Furthermore, the carrier will provide passengers with free catering services and in-flight entertainment, whilst focusing on other environmentally friendly practices, such as using electric cars and electric cargo bikes in its operations.

Serving Strasbourg

While Strasbourg falls within the top 10 most populous cities in France, Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport is surprisingly underdeveloped having served around 1.3 million passengers in 2018. The largest operator at the airport is Volotea, which offers services to several domestic and European holiday destinations.

The airline will launch with two ATR 72-600 aircraft. Photo: Happy Airways

Happy Airways said,

“Operating as a hybrid airline with excellent service quality, good connectivity and affordable fares, Happy Airways, if established, could be a breakthrough in the regional aviation industry. The ‘lucky’ airlines, with an improved flight network that would make Strasbourg a new travel hub, would make it easier for tourists to visit the city in the heart of the European Union. Happy Airways will drive the development of the airport.”

The airline has also said it will seek out codeshare and interlining agreements with other airlines to expand its global connections.

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Seeking investors and crowdfunding

Happy Airways has launched an appeal for funding, calling for both conventional and crowdfunding investors to raise capital. The carrier hopes to raise €4.75 million ($4.72 million) and has set a minimum target of €1.8 million to operate its first aircraft.

It isn’t clear whether the airline will be leasing its fleet or purchasing the aircraft outright, but it is most likely to seek leasing agreements given the cost of an ATR 72-600.

The airline’s crowdfunding initiative will sell shares starting at €50 up to €50,000 and offers a variety of rewards and incentives for investors, including an ‘Unlimited Happiness Pass’ granting free flights for life for the lucky winner.

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