COMPLETE STARTUP GUIDE FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS🔥 | How to Start a Startup in College[2022]

Here’s a complete guide to startup as a college student. I first of all talk about the misconceptions that people have about starting a business in 2021 and then give you some of the best resources to help you understand everything about a startup.

I am talking from my own experience of working at codedamn for 8 months and now starting my own startup( ). And I’ve also read a lot of books on startups and business in general.

Here’s everything you need to know about startups
0:00 – Introduction
0:39 – Misconceptions No. 1: You need a lot of money to start a startup
1:44 – Misconceptions No. 2: You Need a lot of people with you in a startup
2:56 – Misconceptions No. 3: You should only startup once you’re older or when you’ve done your business MBA
4:02 – Product Market Fit
4:34 – How to find the startup idea?
5:20 – Finding your pot of gold – Kunal Shah( )
5:48 – how to test your startup idea
7:05 – Qualities you must have as a startup founder
8:05 – Best YouTube Channels on Startups
(YCombinator, Garry Tan, Slidebean, This week in startups, Backstage with millionaires, startupgyaan, etc)
How to start a startup Playlist:
Coldfusion Channel:
11:12 – Blogs to read:
Paul Graham’s( ) and Marc Andreessen’s( ) Blogs are a must
11:34 – Books to read
Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz
Zero to One by Peter Thiel
Before you startup by Pankaj Goyal
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
48 Hour Startup
11:58 – Entrepreneurs to Follow
Kunal Shah’s tweet
Naval Ravikant’s podcast
Noah Kagan’s videos
Gary Vaynerchuk’s mindset
Ankur Warikoo’s tweets
Simon Sinek’s books
14:50 – Podcasts to Listen
How I Built this by Guy Raz
Startup by Gimlet Media
Business Wars
Masters of Scale

Any more questions? LMK below!

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