Blockchain Game Zed Run Gets 20 Million In VC Funding – CryptosRus

VC capital from massive firms flow into Zed Run, a blockchain game best described as The Preakness meets Tron.


VHS Announces Series A Funding

Virtually Human Studio (VHS) announced today that they received 20 million USD in Series A Funding. The Chernin Group (TCG) led the funding round, with Andreessen Horowitz and Red Beard Ventures also contributing.

“VHS is building the future of virtual entertainment, digital ownership and collaborative consumer relationships, and we look forward to supporting them as they develop new experiences across a variety of verticals,” said Jacob Smilovitz, Vice President of TCG.

VHS is the company behind Zed. Players can buy, sell, breed, and race horses. The game eschews the stodgy look of horseracing for a cyberpunk aesthetic. Imagine what the Preakness would look like if you found yourself uploaded to the ENCOM mainframe from Tron.

TCG is a diverse venture capital fund. Its previous investments include Twitter, Barstool Sports, and Cameo. Not traditionally an investor in the cryptospace, TCG did recently invest in Dapper Labs. Dapper is known for Crypto Kitties and NBA Top Shot.

More On Zed Run

Zed Run is an Ethereum based game built on Solidity. Horses on Zed Run first become available via drops. They come in four levels: Nakamota, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin, with Nakamota being the highest quality breed. They are traded exclusively via OpenSea.

Recently, Zed ran a Million Dollar Drop giveaway, giving away a million dollars worth of horses to their community. The horses are part of the genesis breed. There will only be 38,000 genesis horses available to the public. Post Million Dollar Drop, there are only 14,000 left.

Once all genesis horses are released new horses will only be available through breeding. To learn more about Zed’s very scientific approach to breeding horses, click here. 

Big Week For Blockchain Games

Zed’s announcement comes as the blockchain industry is making serious inroads.

Yesterday, Polygon announced Polygon Studies their new game development division. Back in May, Zed added the Matic Bridge to help users save on rising gas fees.

Another Zed partner Opensea announced a 100 million fundraise. The NFT marketplace is valued at 1.5 billion USD.

Chris Laurent, CEO of VHS, has a grand vision for the future of blockchain gaming: “Our vision for the future is to build a creator economy within the ZED RUN metaverse where players can work in professions such as stable owner, race track owner, breeder, accessory designer and more.”