Black Entrepreneur Has ‘Patience of a Saint’ While Dealing with White Woman Who Accused Her of Selling Drugs from Her Bike — It Was Actually Hair Products

A Black woman delivering hair products to her clients at a local park in Sacramento was accused of selling drugs by a white woman in a recent TikTok video that has since gone viral. 

Ronnie Marie Paiva, the owner of Marie’s Luxury Hair Extensions, is the one being questioned in a video uploaded to the social media platform on Thursday, July 22, by a person named @prettii_tb. The clip showed Paiva making a delivery to her client while on her bicycle when she was stopped and questioned by an unidentified woman who said the transaction “looks like a drug deal.”

Paiva showed the woman that the items in her bicycle basket are not drugs but instead a bundle of extensions and other hair accessories. “Ma’am. Do you see what this is? Hair extension,” She said. The businesswoman also informed the concerned neighbor that she was a resident in the neighborhood and that she owned a legitimate business going on seven years and pays over $50,000 in taxes. 

When asked why she was selling her products at the park, Paiva fired back, “Because I can. It’s a public park.” She added, “Do you own the park? Can people pick up here? It’s just a pickup.” The white woman insists that “everyone” in the area is worried about “the girl on the bike dealing drugs.” That’s when Paiva instructed her to call the authorities. The woman said she preferred not to call the cops but warned Paiva that someone else might. Appearing unbothered, Paiva pedals off.

Not long afterward, the woman shared a follow-up post on her Instagram page further explaining the incident. The post was viewed over 16,600 times. The entrepreneur was showered with support from users in the comment section who applauded her for how she handled the nosy neighbor. 

One user wrote, “That Karen probably been follow you on all your social media ? ? but you handled yourself beautifully.” They added, “God is going to take this negative situation and use it to rain blessings on you and your business.”

Another person commented, “You truly have the patience of a saint,” before revealing that they would love to support her company. They added, “Are your bonnets and robes sold by you?? You look too cute and I want this exact look!!” “I am extremely disgusted & disturbed by the video ; I’m happy you kept it respectful & held your own ! That’s a REAL BUSINESS WOMAN!” expressed a third.  

There’s no word on whether the interaction went further past the verbal accusations of drug dealing.