‘Be You And The World Will Adjust’ Namita Thapar Shares 3 Great Tips For Women Entrepreneurs – Tech

Founder of Thapar Entrepreneur Academy and popular judge from Shark Tank India, Namita Thapar shared her entrepreneurial nuggets on Twitter. Offering exclusive three tips for women in business, Namita’s advice is relevant for the lay amongst us as well.

Tip #1 Guilt Management

The Executive Director of Emcure has a whirlwind of a jam packed schedule and yet comfortably juggles with time. And so do millions of women. Namita states that women essentially are great with managing time. It’s not the same case with ‘em managing guilt. So tip number one is

Get rid of the guilt!”

Tip #2 Be You

The Shark Tank Judge remarks that one must not change himself for the world. This is a constant reminder that should be pegged on everyone’s forehead. Namita reminds you to love yourself. Tip number two is

Be you and the world will adjust.”

Tip #3 Stop Limiting Yourself

Namita urges the desi womania to look within herself and make peace. She says make changes within. This is quite a transformative step for a business leader, whether seasoned or barely starting out. Tip number three is

Stop limiting yourself.

All of these tips share the same essence – to be genuine and honest with self. Embracing the self is a weapon of self construction. It will take you to places. Maybe the next season of Shark Tank India too.

In one of her tweets she states that she doesn’t share her stories to gain sympathy or popularity. Even if one person finds it helpful and believes in themselves then her mission is accomplished.

Namita Thapar meanwhile has penned her entrepreneurial journey with anecdotes and advice in her book The Dolphin & The Shark, published by Penguin.

My book published in 5 months record time thx to @PenguinIndia, wrote 50000 plus words in 3 weeks – my sons 10th was a stressful time & I would sit next to him for hours, that’s when I finally found time to do something I’ve wanted to do my whole life 🙂 https://t.co/SthExb6FWe pic.twitter.com/ArWbJP5UuH

— Namita (@namitathapar)