Airbus A380 Start-Up Global Airlines Launches Partnership With American Express

  • Global Airlines has partnered with American Express to offer exclusive promotions and offers to Amex Cardmembers, including priority seat reservation on the airline’s maiden transatlantic flight.
  • The partnership will also provide Cardmembers with exclusive fly-drive offers, hotel stays, and restaurant bookings, aiming to deliver a best-in-class payments experience.
  • Global Airlines plans to launch its transatlantic service in 2024, using refurbished A380 cabins and targeting business travelers.


Global Airlines, the latest entrant in the long-haul sector, has entered into a partnership with American Express. Through this partnership, Amex Cardmembers will be able to avail themselves of exclusive offers and promotions while flying with the new airline.

Notably, Amex Cardmembers will be granted priority access to reserve seats on Global Airlines’ maiden transatlantic flight between London Gatwick Airport (LGW) and New York John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK).

According to the airline, the agreement will also see exclusive fly-drive offers, hotel stays, and restaurant bookings made available to Cardmembers. Commenting on the new partnership, the CEO and Founder of Global Airlines, James Asquith, said:

“Teaming up with American Express to provide its Cardmembers with exclusive offers and promotions and the chance to join us on some of our very first flights, alongside delivering a best-in-class payments experience, is a really important step for the airline.

“Both Global Airlines and Amex are united by a desire to offer the best possible customer service and experience, and I can’t wait to encourage as many of its Cardmembers as possible to go Global when flying transatlantic.”

Photo: Global Airlines

Taking flight in 2024

Having been launched in 2023, the UK-based long-haul airline is set to start its transatlantic service in the spring of 2024, using a fleet of four Airbus A380 aircraft. The much-anticipated inaugural flight is scheduled to operate between LGW and JFK, with future plans to expand its route network and include Los Angeles.

With a vision of providing a touch of luxury to its operations, the airline intends to entice business travelers through its newly refurbished A380 cabins. As part of its business plan, the airline will offer standard three-class seats – economy, business, and first.

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Despite many airlines abandoning A380s, Global Airlines purchased a second-hand A380 in May 2023, claiming to be the first new airline to do so in years (to date, the sole operator of a second-hand A380 was Hi Fly). According to the carrier, more A380 deliveries will follow in the summer of 2023.

Photo: Global Airlines

Now, with the airline claiming to be prepared to launch flights in less than a year, many are questioning if the carrier may actually have a chance of taking off or achieving profitability.

It is worth highlighting that London-New York and London-Los Angeles rank among the busiest air routes in the North Atlantic, boasting substantial premium demand and facing fierce competition. Presently, six airlines operate flights on both the JFK-London and LAX-London routes, including legacy carriers like British Airways and American Airlines. Also, operating just one or two daily services on these busy routes might not be sufficient to attract a substantial number of premium travelers to fill A380s.

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