6 Startup Growth Strategies from a Forbes Top VC | Seed to Billion Dollar IPO | Office Hours Ep.3

Ok, you just got funded. But how do you grow your startup to a billion dollar IPO? It turns out, there’s a formula. Learn what it is, along with 6 tips from me on how to do that in this week’s episode of Office Hours.

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0:00 — Intro —
0:46 Intro: How Do You Grow?
1:24 Tip 1 — PR
1:56 How Soylent used PR
0:55 Tip 2 — Sales and Marketing
2:35 Controversy Sells
3:06 Tip 3 — Content Marketing
3:18 How OkCupid used Content Marketing
3:47 Tip 4 — SEO
4:08 How Zapier’s used SEO
5:02 Google Ads
6:00 Tip 5 — Influencers
6:17 How DTC Brands use Influencers
6:34 Tip 6: Partnerships
6:42 How Microsoft & IBM used partnerships
7:10 — Recap! —

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I’m Garry Tan, venture capitalist and founder at Initialized Capital. We were earliest investors in billion dollar startups like Coinbase and Instacart, and I’m a Forbes Midas List Top 100 venture capitalist in the world. We want these videos to be about helping people build world-class teams and startups that touch a billion people. Our startups have gone on to create more than $40 billion in market value so far, and Initialized has over $770M in assets under management.

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