3 Reasons Why Startups Fail in INDIA | Startup Stories | Startup Failed Badly #startupfailure

Why Startups Fail?
1) Lack of innovation
According to a survey, 77% of venture capitalists think that Indian startups lack innovation or unique business models.
2) Lack of funds
In 2018, bike rental startup, Tazzo, shut shop. The reason, as given by one of its funding partners, was a failed product-market fit that led to drying up of funding.
3) Lack of focus
When Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were asked about one factor that was responsible for their success, both replied with one word: focus.
4) Product Market Fit
A large number of startups fail for the simplest reason – the consumers have no need for its products.
5) Leadership gaps
Most startups are driven by the vision of its founders and core team members. However, having a good idea is far less important than knowing how to lead a brand, a company, and a team.
6) Lack of agility
Today, we live and function in an always-on culture. One needs to, always, keep up with the complexities and changes. In such a culture, agility can bring a competitive advantage to startups.
7) Business model failure
A good product, an impressive website, and huge ad spends- a number of entrepreneurs assume that these factors are going to be enough to attract customers and business.
8) Lack of talent & competency
Surprising, but 23% of startups fail due to lack of talent and skill. It is one of the most easily solvable issues, one would assume.
9) Ignoring customers
Quite often startup founders have too much to handle – funding, recruitments, overall management of the organization, and more. Customers may not even feature in their to-do lists.

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3 Reasons Why Startups Fail in INDIA | Startup Stories | Startup Failed Badly #startupfailure

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